Monday, 9 April 2012

Home again home again gigidy-gig

Wow, how hard it is to believe that what was anticipated for so long is over already. It seems impossible to reflect back on our time without wanting to be back in Brazil already.
We are able to look back on our 2 work weeks and know that God is glorified through the work he allowed us to do. He made us incredibly productive in our time there shown by the work that we got done. We can also be hopeful of the future of the rehabilitation center as leaders at CVM aim to re-open as soon as possible so that more men and boys can be healed from their addictions and get to know God in the process. We can look at our 1 week of debrief time and see how a week of reflection, continued growth individually, spiritually and as a team, exploring God's creation, and the cultural experiences we were blessed with, are nothing less then necessary to finish off our 3 weeks.
With that said here are just a few of many pictures from our last week...

Not sure what that stats are in Canada but in Brazil 70% of the countries money is spent by 10% of the population, guessing these houses belong to some of those in that 10%.

A few pictures that do not do justice to the amazing beauty of God's creation.

We were able to spend quality time as a team and grow in our relationships with each other. Here Karen and Shirley do more walking and talking.

Meal times are always a good time of fellowship and a chance to experience more Brazilian culture through enjoying their food.

One particular experience included taking a small boat as a ferry across a river just off the ocean where the locals do whats called dolphin fishing. No they do not fish for dolphins. But the dolphins do swim up from the ocean and push the fish towards the fisherman making their job easier. Above Lt to Rt: Shirley, Jeanette, Karen and Ann Below Lt to Rt: Wilf, Lloyd and Dwight

Wilf on a very mini challenge course

Anita and Jeff

Part of experiencing Brazil was driving on their roads in the mountains, they were pretty insane with intense hair pin turns and road side drop offs. Here you can see (look closely) some of the team standing on multiple layers on the road down the steep side of a mountian.

Overall our 3 weeks was amazing, a time of growth, learning, building both in relationships and on the project at hand, hard work, sweat, tears, joys, and above all filled with God's love.
To God be the Glory!!!!

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