Monday, 27 February 2012

18 Sleeps and Counting

Lloyd and Jeanette Glover
This is our 4th trip to Brazil with For We Care. Friends who have been 5 times encouraged us to join them. We are glad to have the opportunity to join this venture. It has been a privilege to meet and work with the people on each team. Each time we have come away with out lives enriched.
Brazil is a beautiful country, the people are warm and friendly and their faith is strong!
We have been blessed each time we go, we look forward to going again.

Lloyd is an electrician. He will help with whatever electrical needs to be done and of course with whatever else needs to be done.

Jeanette (Rt in picture above) is a home maker and works retail at The Bay. She will do whatever, painting, cutting rebar, cleaning up, hauling brick, a go-for just like at home!

Thanks for checking in and please keep checking in as introductions are only just starting.

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