Wednesday, 7 March 2012

9 sleeps and counting!

Well its time to take a break from introductions of team members and introduce you to this year’s project(s)…
There have been several new developments within the last few weeks regarding the work our team will be doing in Brazil. All exciting and come with great anticipation and potential. With that said this year’s short term mission’s team (STM) have 3 different possible work projects and will not know where we will work until we get there. We may work on one or all of the following:
Over the past 10 years FWC has sent STMs to Florianopolis working on a project at the CVM Drug Rehabilitation Center for teen boys and men. Over the years a kitchen/dining facility, an administration building, 2 completed dorms, 1 uncompleted dorm, and overall a first class facility have been constructed.

Dinning Facility

A view of the facility showing (left to right) the first completed dorm, the dinning facility, the administration building, and the 2nd dormitory, while under construction.
Our 1st possible project would be working at the rehabilitation center where our primary goal would be to construct a laundry facility, do the electrical work in the 3rd dormitory building and other maintenance around the facility. Along with the work that we will be doing on site, local contractors, funded by FWC, will be implementing fire prevention mandated by the local government for the center to stay operational.

Possibility #2 also has the team working with the same local Brazilian mission’s organization called CVM. Instead of working at the rehabilitation center we would be working at a day care center CVM runs located in Florianopolis. The Day Care center offers free day care for families who are making minimum wage (approximately 390 US$/month) or less, not enough to survive off of. Not only do they provide free day care but also feed and educate the children. Projects at this center would include much needed upkeep and maintenance, such as painting. There will also be opportunities to help out with meals and watching/playing with the children.
The last possible project is working with CETE, a local church and orphanage in Florianopolis. Twelve years ago FWC helped build the CETE orphanage. CETE is currently experience government cutbacks and is in some financial distress, yet they are also experiencing growth in their church and need in their orphanage. They are welcoming our help and any time we can offer as they are in need of an addition to the center they have.

Thank you for your interest in our STM's trip and for reading. Please pray that we will have a productive trip and that God would use us where we are needed.

To God Be The Glory!

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