Thursday, 29 March 2012

Work day 9

We had a good day today, those of us who were on the work site anyway. We had 3 stay behind at the Hotel. Julie, as mentioned yesterday, is suffering from a cold which made her ill enough to not join us. Jeanette's back was bothering her enough to prevent her from even being able to get out of bed without help, meaning Lloyd stayed back to help his wife as needed. Both are feeling better now. We had 3 coughing ladies at the work site today, Ann, Karen and Shirley so please keep praying for health and healing.

As for the work itself lots was once again accomplished, the dining/kitchen facility had its last 3 outside walls get their final coat and is now completed. The 2nd dormitory got as much paint on its outside walls as possible. And the progress in the 3rd dormitory was also good, the plumbing pipes are all in and cemented into the floors and half the bathroom pipes are mortared into the walls, which means we should be able to start plastering the walls tomorrow.

Jeff and Dwight securing a drainage pipe with concrete in one of the holes we chiselled out.

Who gave Wilf a toy??? In the end it was for a purpose, he had to trim the thorny bush away from the top of the fence so the pipes could run from the water tower to the 3rd domritory to supply water.

Karen and Ann from a distance painting the 2nd dormitory.

Shirley on tidy duty again.

Rudy with his 15' painting pole so that he could reach to the top of the 2nd dormitory without needing scaffolding.

There is officially power in the 3rd dormitory so Byron was taping up the wires so no one   accidentally got shocked. 

Today's game was how many legs on this centipede?

As tomorrow is our last work day please pray that we would be able to accomplish as many tasks as possible. Byron and Julie leave us tomorrow morning to attend a friends wedding on Saturday (also in Brazil), pray for safe and smooth travels for them. Thanks again for reading.
To God be the Glory!

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