Friday, 23 March 2012

Work day 4

And the work continues. We had perfect weather today, cloudy in the morning but it cleared up late morning and didn't get too hot during the day. However, it did rain for some or most of last night so we arrived to a wet work site that didn't end up interfering with our work at all.

Our trench was filled with multiple puddles.

And the patched and primed walls looked wetter then we had left them yesterday.

Back to work at the same task as yesterday, Jeanette and Dwight continueing to repair the holes in the brick walls of the 3rd dormitory.

Julie and Ann continueing to prep and paint the walls of the dining hall.

Byron and Lloyd starting to feed the large wires into the plastic pipe that we dug the trench for.

Getting the wires all the way through the 45 meter plastic pipe required lots of assistance, 6 in total.

And then getting the pipe into the trench also required many hands.

Byron and Lloyd getting it through the tricky parts.

Everyone getting back to their previous tasks, Wilf and Shirley working on pouring the window sills.

Julie getting up to every height.

Karen getting in all the cracks and crannies.

And that was all before lunch. Lloyd taking his first post lunch nap of the trip.

Time to fill in the trench, Jeff getting started.

This is a room in the dormitory before the holes are filled and the sill is poured.

And this is a room that has been all patched except for the window sill that still has to be poured. Just to give you an idea of the difference. Shirley is sweeping the floors in this picture, even such simple tasks are needed to be done.

Over all we had a great day and we had no injuries, not even minor ones.
There is one story that is must be shared with you today. It was such an encouragement to hear and boosted the spirits of our team today. So please read on.
As most of you know the rehab center is not currently in operation due to government funding cuts as well as stimpulations implemented on the center for fire prevention and a laundry facility. It is different and odd to be working at the center with no residents working along side us, or eating lunches and coffee breaks with us. It is unknown exactly what the future of the center is though there are several positive possibilities. It can be discouraging at times to think all this time and money has been spent to help the center become the facility it is today yet it sits empty as we continue to work. After saying all that, here is the encouraging story...
We had concrete and a few other supplies delivered to the center today by a local hardware store. One of the delivery drivers came in while we were on our afternoon coffee break to let us know that 5 years ago he was a resident at the center and had completed the 9 month program offered by the center. He has been clean since that time with a job and expressed his gradatued for all we were doing and what the center did for him and his life. It was such a cool story, so often we will see the men at the center but have no idea how many will succeed once they leave the safety and support of the center. This man could tell us his success story, such an encouragement. So please pray for our work here, that it would be used as God intended it to be used and pray that the center will also be used as it was called to be used. Also pray for those in leadership at CVM, for guidance in what the next step is for the center. I apologize I did not think fast enough and get a picture of this man or his name to share with you.
Thanks for reading! 
To God be the Glory!

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