Saturday, 24 March 2012

Work day 5

Yet another successful and great day. We only worked till 3:00, as opposed to our usual 5:30. we then went out for a pizza supper where we all ate too much and enjoyed every possible kind of pizza imaginable, including a wide variety of dessert pizzas.
I promise these are new pictures from today, if you look closely most of our outfits are different even though our work remains very much the same. Next week we will be doing some different work as we are hoping to start plastering the walls of the 3rd dormitory.

Julie, Ann and Karen (below) doing their thing, could probably almost paint in their sleep by now.


Jeff above and Lloyd below finishing up their wiring.


Dwight mortaring the electrical boxes in place while Jeanette makes the perfect size brick to fit the empty hole in the wall.

Rudy putting in the last wood frame for the window sill. We were able to finish those to completion today.

Wilf had all the right tools today to get the toilettes working in the ladies bathroom in the dining hall.

After lunch we played a round of "guess the height of this bamboo."

Everyone taking a good look before getting their official guesses in.
After recording all the guesses the winner was...Julie. It measured exactly 50' 2" or 15.3 meters. Her guess was 50.' The guess that was off the most was 72' and therfore the next round of ice cream is on Jeanette.

With some tasks being completed the majority of the team joined in to finish the day up with some mortaring of the electrical pipes/boxes.

A group picture with Artur(CVM), Priscilla (CVM) and Ron (an American missionary in Florianopolis who translates for us). Lt to Rt: Wilf, Karen, Ron, Priscilla, Artur, Jeanette, Lloyd, Anita, Jeff, Julie, Byron, Dwight, Ann, Shirley, Rudy

We will not be heading to the rehab center tomorrow as it is a day of rest so we look forward to sleeping in and possibly soaking up some more sun and brazilian culture. We cannot thank you enough for all you support and your prayers.
To God be the Glory!

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  1. Wow, you guys make me tired just looking at your pictures! It's fabulous work you're doing - thank you for being willing to go down and do it. Enjoy your day of rest. Blessing to you!
    The Koop Troop