Friday, 30 March 2012

Our last work day.

What a day... lots to share so be prepared for more reading then normal.

We started our day as we often do in a short time of devotions before we leave for the work site. Byron and Julie joined us one last time before seperating ways for the rest of our time here in Brazil.

Rudy, Dwight, Julie and Byron

Getting cozy, Lloyd, Jeff, and Anita

This morning we talked about hope. As mentioned in an earlier post it can be disheartening going to the rehab center every day with no residents there. So much time and money has been put into the center and though it may seem hopeless with the future of the center unknown we know that if we put our hope in God nothing is in vain and He will use whatever we give Him. We gave Him our time and the center with hopes it will continue to be used to further His kingdom.
This afternoon 4 of us met with Artur (director at CVM) and Roberto (Financial administrator at CVM) to hear more on the future and goals of the rehabilitation center. We were excited to hear that CVM has full intentions to reopen the rehab center as soon as they have fulfilled all the requirements made by the government. These include the previously mentioned fire prevention and laundry facility. They are also in the process of requesting if staff from CVM's orphanage can be shared with the rehab center cutting daily expenses drastically for both facilities. They have hopes this work will be complete in 6-9 weeks and then they look for staff and begin the process of reopening. They would start with a smaller number of residents as staffing is their largest cost. Once running they can reappply for government funding to help with monthly expenses. Artur has assured to keep FWC informed on costs and status of these requirements as they progress. Exciting to hear and just the boost the team needed to hear as we finished of our 2 weeks of work.
Back to our work for the day...

Rudy (above) Shirley (below) and Karen got all the painting done on the 2nd dormitory using all sorts of methods to reach as high as possible. Just as a side note, Rudy did make yet another trip to the Dentist's office this afternoon. We are hoping this will be the last time till he can see his dentist at home.


Dwight (above), Jeff and Anita kept mortaring the plumbing pipes in place.

And finally some plastering started, Anjo (above, CVM's hired handiman) showing us how it is done and Jeff (below) giving it a try. There is an art to it that requires some practice.

Lloyd (above) and Wilf (below) spent the morning fixing the float on the holding tank that supplies water to the whole center. After several ladder climbs the problem was fixed.

You probably noticed some missing people in the pictures yet again, it was Ann's turn to stay back at the hotel as she is fighting a cold and needed a day to rest and get better. She did say she is feeling much better this evening. Jeanette come out to the site today, yet still struggling with back pain she was unable to do any heavy work. She became the designated photo taker for the day and did a fabulous job.
We had an amazing feast for lunch with everyone together, the volunteers and staff at CVM who have worked along side of us, as well as Ron and Alana, George (our bus driver) and a couple special guests, Volnei and his girlfriend Priscilla.
Two years ago Volnei was a resident at the rehab center and at lunch we got to hear a bit of his testimony. Before he came to the center his life was on the wrong track. He had a friend tell him about the center and decided to give it a try. Many of our team remember him from our time in Brazil 2 years ago. He completed the program and even more exciting came to know Christ during his time at the center and spent with Ron. Him and his girlfriend currently attend church regularly and stay in contact with Ron and Alana who have been great support for the 2 of them. He has a job and says though life is not always easy and struggles still exhist he has Christ and the knowledge that God is always there helps him get through. For many of us the bizarre part was when he thanked us for our role in his life changing experience. We had so little interaction with him 2 years ago, he had a broken leg so he was unable to even work along side of us as many residents did. But he thanked us for making a huge impact on his life. We automatically return thanks to God as everything is possible because of His sacrifice on the cross and through His strength not our own. 

Volnei with the cast on his legs 2 years ago and with his girlfriend Priscilla today.

Lining up for our lunch meal.

Those of us there at the end of the day grouping together for one last picture together.
Lt to Rt: Fabia (our cook), Ron, Karen, Wilf, Shirley, Anita, Jeff, Dwight, Anjo, Lloyd
Front: Alberto (kitchen help), Priscilla (CVM's administrative assitance who was at the site everyday, our german speaking answer to prayer)

After lunch was the meeting with Artur and Roberto, clean up, coffee and then our departure. The day went so fast and the last 2 weeks have been such a whirlwind, yet we cannot thank God enough for His presence and everything He has done during our time here.
To God be the Glory!

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