Thursday, 22 March 2012

Work day 3

Today was a cloudy day, so officially the temperature not as hot, yet the humidity was up and we all felt rather warm anyhow. Thankfully we had no rain until our drive home after supper.
We continued with our work/progress today and we had 4 smaller teams who worked on 4 tasks throughout the day. These included... team electrical, Byron, Jeff and Lloyd, continueing to wire the 3rd dormitory. Team painting, Karen, Julie and Ann, who continued working on the outside of the dining/kitchen hall. Team brick repair, Dwight and Jeanette, who worked on repairing all the holes in the walls of the 3rd dormitory. And team window sill, Rudy, Shirley, Wilf and Anita, who worked on framing and pouring cement into the bottom of all the windows in the 3rd dormitory.

Anita cutting Karen's capris into shorts in anticipation of the warm muggy day ahead.

Team 1

Byron putting new ends onto an extension cord, it came from North America and was useless as is.

Lloyd and Jeff untangling the fishing wire.

Check out those boxes and the many colors in the wire.

Team 2

Karen doing the cutting.

Julie putting down the tarp to protect the tiles from paint.

Ann and Julie priming.

Team 3

Rudy working on building some needed sawhorses so the electricians could reach all the heights they needed to.

Shirley prepping the last window for the wood frame, then comes pouring the concrete base. Just don't fall.

 Rudy putting the wood frames in place on the bottom of the windows.

Wilf mixing up the concrete for the window sills.

Team 4

Dwight mixing up the mortar for securing the bricks in place.

Jeanette working her magic.

Tomorrow is calling for sun again so we look forward to a possibly less humid day, though unlikely as it is still raining. Please continue to pray for safety on and off the work site, we have had no major injuries but have had a couple very minor ones.Thank you so much for reading and all your comments, your encouragement is so much appreciated.
To God be the Glory!!

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