Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Work day 8

More work and more pictures...

The work continued to freshen up the outside of the 2nd dormitory. Here Ann is working on sanding the walls before they can be primed and painted.

Karen (above), Shirley, Anita, Julie and Ann finished off the last coat on the dining hall and it is amazing how much a paint job can do to make a building look brand new.

As the day began the plumber gave his directions and 3 more holes in each bathroom had to be punched through the concrete floors. This meant 21 more holes, thankfully smaller then the 15 we did yesterday. After several were chiselled out by hand the plumber pulled out a hammer drill making the job much quicker and easier. Jeff (above) before the hammer drill and Wilf (below) after the hammer drill.

Anjo (CVM's hired handiman who has been at the job site to help when needed) and Edson (the local plumber). There is no pressurized water system in Brazil, it is all gravity fed. Every building has a water tank on the top of it. The center has a larger water tower that supplies water to each smaller water tank on each building. In the picture they are trying to figure out where to run the pipe from the large water tower to the top of the 3rd dormitory.

We had a special treat lunch and took everyone, including the CVM staff (Fabia, Alberto, Priscilla, Anjo), the plumber (Edson), our bus driver George, and local missionaries Ron and Alana (who have helped in so many different ways from dentist connections to tranlsators, see below), into the hills to a tiny town where a small family run "pub" provided us with an amazing lunch. We yet again all ate too much and enjoyed the company around the table. 

Rudy had yet another emergency dentist appointment this morning, but also once again is feeling much better and got back right to work sealing the dining hall windows after lunch.

We got 2 treats today, we went for ice cream this evening after a small early supper as we were all full from our large lunch. Dwight, Wilf and Byron above. Jeff and Anita below. 

A few prayer requests as we finish off our work week in the next 2 days. Ann and Julie seem to be suffering the most from some sort of cold, please pray they are able to get the sleep  and healing they need to feel better quickly. Jeanette continues to suffer from a sore back and sat out another day today, please pray for healing for her back. And of course pray for Rudy as explained above, hopefully this time the fix will last till he is able to see his dentist back home. Pray for continued good weather so work can get done and paint can dry, saftey on the job site as well as to and from the job site and direction in what work to get done as our time winds down. Also pray that each team member would continue to be open to be used in whatever way God calls.
Thanks once again for reading!

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