Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Work day 7

Our work continued today with lots that got done. Though it was cloudy all day and the weather forcast called for rain we didn't see any. Which was helpful for our painters who just keep going like the energizer bunny. We have started preping the outside of the 2nd dormitory for a fresh coat of paint as well as continued to work on the dining facility. Our local plumber was on site today and gave us instructions this morning to get us started and it ended up taking all day to complete the tasks he gave us. We spent so many hours fixing the walls only to punch new lines in the bricks for all the plumbing pipes. We also had to punch holes through the concrete floors for the toilettes and showers. There were 7 bathrooms to punch out the wall bricks for the plumbing and 13 holes (paint can size) to punch through the floor. All without jack hammers and minimal help from power tools creating hard and messy work.
So here are some more pictures for all you followers...

As you can tell Rudy was back at it today, helping with many tasks, here filling holes in the 2nd dormitory before it can be painted.

Julie (above) and Ann (below) painting always with a smile on their faces. This was at the beginning of their day before they were tired of sitting on their bums, knees and squatting to get the bottom trim primed and painted.

Lloyd working on the upstairs wiring, should we be worried that he looks a little confused?

Dwight getting the last electrical box mortared in place.

Jeff starting with a saw to outline where the plumbing will go before we start chiselling out the bricks.

Wilf and Jeff, one just a titch dirtier then the other... it is a good thing that dirtiness does not solely determine how much work you have done.

Anita chiselling away, safety first of course.

And of course clean up is needed at the end of every day, Shirley (above) sweeping up around the 2nd dormitory and Byron (below) cleaning up all the concrete and mortar tools that were used throughout the day.

You may have noticed Jeanette missing in the working pictures today, she suffered from a sore back so decided to take a day to try and rest it in hopes that she can help again before out work time is up. Since she has been working harder then any other member of the team we decided to let it slide :)

A new friend we made today, an albino frog that seemed to sleep in this spot for hours and hours.

Please pray for continued safety and health as body's are starting to ache from all the hard physical labour as well as a cold seems to be making its way around the team. As our week will reach its middle tomorrow and there seems like so much work that could still be done pray that we can make the most of our time left and continue to be as productive as we have been to this point.
To God be the Glory!

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