Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Work day 2

A few more pictures as the work continues...

We made a, not so quick, supply shop stop on our way to the work site this morning. Picking up a few essentials. Us ladies can tell you from our experience; if you think women, shoping and decision making is a bad combo you should have seen these 6 men shopping and trying to decide.

This was the trench we dug yesterday, starts at the building you can only see the roof of.

  Wilf and Rudy attempting to find the leak problem coming from the ladies bathroom in the dining hall.

Shirley and Jeanette continued the prep of the 3rd dormitory. Punching out half broken bricks from old scaffolding holes to be repaired with new bricks.

Lloyd and Jeff working on punching out lines for the tubes/wires in the bricks

Dwight also punching out spots in need of repair.

As you can tell it was not a very clean task.

Karen taking on preping the outside dining hall walls for a new paint job.

Julie and Ann also helping out with the sanding prep.

Ann starting with some primer.

There was a lot of,what seemed like, demo today with all the punching out of bricks. It created a spoted like look to the 3rd dormitory. Yet it was all neccesary to get the 3rd dormitory ready for its finishing touches.
The team also got to experience our first thunder storm of our trip today, thankfully just as we got inside and sat down for supper, not so convenient, also on our drive home. But we arrived back to the hotel safe and sound as the Lord provided us with a good bus driver who, I'm sure, has driven in many a torrential down pour before. And you may be thinking its only a thunder shower, but if you have ever experienced a Brazilian thunder shower you know why the praise for safe travels back to the hotel.
Thanks again for checking the blog!


  1. We love to see your progress every day! Thanks for your work on the blog!

  2. Good work indeed. Forecast here in Leduc is for 5 cm snow.