Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day of rest

And that is exactly what we did, rest. Many of us slept in this morning. We met at 11:00 to go to the mall only to find out that it does not open till 2:00 on Sundays, many of the women think the men planned it that way. We then went to a Churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ) for lunch and enjoyed a feast before heading to the beach where we naped, walked and read the afternoon away. With a last stop for ice cream before heading back to the hotel to end our day. Here are just a few pictures...

That was one tasty pig, and we can say that as most of us had a piece of his rump.

We set up camp for the day.

We head back to work tomorrow so please keep praying for safety, productivity, good weather, and guidance as our week starts.
Just a quick shout out, Happy Birthday Mary Jane!!

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